As a visual harvester I help you analyse, summarise, structure and visualise complex information.

Because, in times of 'information overload' it is often difficult to keep an overview. The complexity of things is constantly increasing. And we are all looking for a common and simple language that everyone understands.

  • Images make it possible to summarise a large amount of information.
  • Images help to get structure.
  • Images allow you to go back to the essence.
  • Images work.


As a visual harvester, I focus on capturing the essence. I use simple and powerful images to capture the content in a simple way. Simplicity rules!


Simple & powerful images

  • help to quickly transfer and share ideas
  • reduce complexity
  • create overview and clarity
  • increase the quality of your communication
  • make it easier to remember because of their high memory value
  • ensuring better cooperation
  • help to increase interaction, participation and involvement
  • activate your audience and / or your employees
  1. Live harvests during your event or strategic meeting.
  2. Prepare presentations: content, structure, flow and visualizstion
  3. Summarise documents and turn them into a promotional poster or attractive infographic