We all need more creativity and innovation:

  • Because the world is constantly changing and the future will look very different from the present.
  • To set us apart from our competitors and to stand out from the crowd.
  • Or just, to keep our heads above water in times of crisis.

So, what’s the secret? Where do you start?


Red Zezel can train you to come up with answers to these challenges.

This won’t just be a one-way process: expect interactive training sessions, in which we reach out to your business and help you get to work effectively with the knowledge you’ve gained. In our training sessions, theory, case studies and practice go hand in hand.

We deliver in-company training sessions and continuous trainings as part of an innovation or change process.


Creative thinking

This programme will show you how to think outside the box — and leave you with a thousand and one ideas you’ll be dying to put into practice. Creativity is essential to stand out in a competitive market.


Effective brainstorming

WWe’ve all taken part in brainstorming sessions. And we’ve all seen that the ideas generated often lack detail, that we just don’t know what to do with hundreds of ideas on Post-it notes, and that the same ideas come up over and over again. Time to familiarise ourselves with the dos and don’ts of brainstorming..


Creative and innovative entrepreneurship

This programme will show you how to structurally embed creativity and innovation in your organisation:

  • By encouraging individual creativity.
  • By implementing an innovation strategy for your organisation. 
  • By generating an innovative mindset in your organisation.

Design thinking

Design thinking provides a method to solve complex problems and to help develop innovative, custom solutions for your clients. This workshop will show you how design thinking combines empathy, creativity and reason.


Business Model Canvas

A business model canvas provides you with a clear picture of your business model, idea or organisation, and will help you to communicate these to others. It’s a powerful tool that combines simplicity with a broad range of applications.