Sara Pieters

Since 2011, I’ve been the woman behind Red Zezel. I view myself as a creativity and innovation catalyst.

With my extensive knowledge and passion, I help organisations develop their creative potential and guide their innovation processes along the right track. I do so using an extensive arsenal of tools, including the FORTH innovation method, the business model canvas, innovation games and various design thinking tools.

In addition, I created Red Zezel Inspires in 2016 to provide entrepreneurial and inspirational business trips to places including Silicon Valley and Amsterdam. As an innovation catalyst, I’m more aware than anyone that an inspirational trip is the perfect way to quickly spot the latest trends and find inspiration beyond the boundaries of your own sector.

I’m also part of the Visual Harvesting team — I love visualising content, and that’s reflected in everything I do: templates, agendas, posters... all being tailor-made for my clients, everything is developed with care, by hand and with ink on paper. 

Finally, you should know that I’m passionate about working with people, that I’m a devoted collector of overpriced blank notebooks and that I love running and yoga. Occasionally, it can be tricky to reconcile my creative brainwaves with my disciplined and structured approach — but in the end, I’m always able to find the perfect balance.  

I have a degree in Applied Economics, and I picked up my project coordinator experience at the Antwerp/Waasland division of Voka, the Flemish Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I also spent several years working as an International Relations manager for Flanders Districts of Creativity, where I had the chance to immerse myself in the latest innovation tools and creativity techniques. 

Our partners

Across the years, I’ve been able to build a very extensive network. This enables me to call on the services of a large number or partners, experts and professionals to set up collaborations tailored to the needs of your organisation.