Don’t expect revolutionary ideas…

  • if you didn’t harvest customer insights

  • if you are scared of talking to your customers

  • if you never ask ‘why?’ 

  • if you didn’t talk to people outside of your business or your sector

  • if you hate curious people

  • if you think exploring the world is a waste of time

  • if you love your daily routine

  • if you invest all your time in day-to-day operational problems

  • if you always think ‘yes, but…’

  • if you see more problems than opportunities

  • if you think 2 + 2 is always 4

  • if you think you have the smartest people in your team

  • if you like rational and logic thinking

  • if you hate people that are always enthusiastic about ideas (even the stupid and naïve ideas)

  • if you consider that your ideas are the best

  • or …

  • if you believe in the power of one-day brainstorm sprints


Rome wasn't built in a day. 

Great ideas don’t fall out of the sky. 

Aha! or Eureka moments don’t exist.

Revolutionary ideas are a matter of hard work and time.


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Sara Pieters