Why I believe in the power of visuals

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We are living in an area where change is the only constant, where the world is getting more and more complex and where our brain is overwhelmed by a massive amount of information. There are no longer clear-cut answers to the problems and challenges organizations face. And we all need, more than ever, creative thinking skills and innovation methods to make our companies and it's people future proof.

But this complexity and information overload often cause organizations and people to be paralyzed, unable to move forward. That's why visualization is one of the most essential tools I use as an innovation expert. Because visuals...

  • help to create clarity and go back to the essence.
  • provide a common language and bring alignment in a group.
  • don't just simplify but make complex issues understandable.
  • increase group engagement and stimulate participation and dialogue.
  • enable to see connections and improve system thinking.
  • create memorabilia and make it easier to remember, share and understand.

Moreover 80% of all people are 'image thinkers' and use images intuitively to understand the world around them.

In my work I visualize on a constant basis. It helps me to prepare workshops in a visual and appealing way. With nicely designed templates that are tailor-made and stimulate active participation and involvement. I draw agendas and processes before I share them with my clients. I visualize thoughts and reflections to get things clear in my head. I use paper and markers to get to the essence of a problem. Visuals are just part of what I offer. It's my competitive advantage as an innovation expert.

Because visuals

empower words,

empower thoughts,

empower ideas,

empower people.

InspirationSara Pieters