Innovate by Design Thinking


Why?For the first time in history, change itself has changed! Internet connections, data storage, mobile devices, CO2 emissions, genome sequencing, everything today is growing at an exponential rate. Organizations need to be more adaptive and reinvent themselves as fast as change itself.

The digital has created an unbound world! A world without barriers, where organizations need to defend margins and positions. You need to earn your place in the market every single day.

Innovation is the work of everybody, all the time, every day!

We believe that you need to create organizations where people are willing to bring the gifts of their creativity and passion, growing new and innovative products and/or services.

How? With this 5-day, 5 stages, innovation track we’ll guide you through an innovation process where you will develop new attractive and feasible products and/or services for your company by applying different design thinking tools.

You will not only develop your own innovation case! At the same time you’ll learn what creativity and innovation, or to say it with a trendy word, “Design Thinking” is all about.

Unlike general training programs, this program leads to concrete new concepts that are worked out as mini new business cases for you and your business.

During the entire track you will have to work on your innovation assignment in groups to practice the different steps of the design thinking. In that sense we require to have at least 2 participants of the same organization, in order to increase the success rate of your innovation use case.

As we all want you to succeed, the second and subsequent participants from your (=the same) organization will be charged half price, 50% reduction to get teamwork going and enjoy a tremendously increased success factor!

What? Design thinking, service design, user centered design… it all refers to a set of principles, from mindset to process, that can be applied to solve complex problems. It can be employed by any business or profession to achieve extraordinary results, in the hope to create a competitive advantage in today’s global economy.

In this training and real-life innovation track, you will get familiar with theory, expand your toolset, investigate cases and perform practical exercises on your own challenge.

Classroom - 2 Days Innovation Booth Stage 1 – Full Steam Ahead When you go on an expedition, you increase your chances of success by being well prepared and that is why it is important to define: * the innovation assignment for your organization * the internal client, and * the ideal ideation team

Stage 2 – Observe and Learn The essence of stage 2 is to start viewing things differently, to detach yourself from your own existing thought patterns about the market, and to gain new and fresh impressions. During this stage a new and renewed learning process is developed by: * discovering relevant customer insights * doing an extensive search on trends, technology and innovation opportunities * examining the potential of experiences, and * looking for inspiration on the street

Homework - 1 Month Innovation Incubation Using the tools, thoughts and techniques from the Innovation Booth, you will need to find inspiration, observe and learn from: * trends * technological developments * customers * experts and * best practices from within and outside your sector.

Classroom - 2 Days New Product/Service Brainstorm Stage 3 – Raise Ideas This is the creative highlight of the whole process! It is the moment where all inspiration is translated into ideas and concrete concepts for a new product/service. During this stage you: * are transformed into a real idea generating machine * learn the different stages of effective brainstorming, and * will be overwhelmed by an extensive toolkit of convergent and divergent techniques.

Stage 4 – Test Ideas How attractive are the new product concepts and how much do they really stand out? A justifiable question, and that is why it is good to reflect on the developed concepts, especially after the euphoria of the brainstorming session.

Homework - 1 Month Innovation Incubation Using the concepts from the brainstorming sessions and the techniques learned, you will test the concepts with your potential customers. This will provide feedback on: * concept feasibility * your problem/solution definitions and * generate leads for future customers

Classroom - 1 Day Business Opportunity Plan/Implementation Stage 5 – Homecoming In the final stage you return home with the tested product/service concept as souvenir. You’ll do this with improved concepts based on customer feedback and by building a concrete business opportunity plan for the best ideas at hand.

Practical 16 - 17 September, 21 - 22 October, 18 November - From 9:00 to 17:30 Zebrastraat - Gent € 1.495 Buy your ticket here

Our facilitators Sara Pieter As creativity & innovation catalyst Sara guides organizations on their innovation path and shows them how creativity can result in the creation of new products, services or business models. Find out more about Sara

Jurgen De Smet Being busy with change since 2001 in different jungles, having met with over a 100 of different species, we could call one a chameleon with a huge backpack of knowledge, technique’s and frameworks to support other lions out there to do just enough of the right thing at the right time and be respected for it.Find out more about Jurgen