The 7 myths of innovation


Today I participated in "The 7 myths of innovation" event of Fast Bridge. During this entertaining lunch session they disproved the 7 myths and argued for 7 'new' rules for real innovation. Here are there 7 myths & 7 'new rules' and how I see quite some overlap/complementarity/similarity with the FORTH innovation method that I use to facilitate innovation journeys. - Myth 1: It is about what we do behind closed doors. + Rule 1: It is about opening doors & listening. FORTH: Observe and learn: by talking and listening to your customers, and by looking at trends, new technologies and innovation opportunities.

- Myth 2: Innovation just happens. + Rule 2: Innovation is something you must work on. FORTH: With the FORTH innovation method an internal team comes up with attractive innovative products and services. But we 'only' facilitate, it's your internal team who works 15 weeks on it.

- Myth 3: We need to reward innovation. + Rule 3: You need to reward good failures. FORTH: Test ideas. Only by trial and error, you come up with the best concepts. Be ready to present your 'rough diamonds' to your customers for feedback early in the innovation process. And be prepared and accept that some great ideas or maybe not that great at all when you ask your customers.

- Myth 4: It is about working harder. + Rule 4: It's about working smarter. FORTH: Innovation is not just about taking risks, it's about using a structured process that guides you on your innovation path.

- Myth 5: It is about the big ideas. + Rule 5: Real innovation is about adjacent possible. FORTH: Observing and learning from other sectors, other experts -away from your known field of work- will bring you a lot of inspiration.

- Myth 6: You need the brightest and best people on the case. + Rule 6: You need people that think differently. FORTH: With the FORTH innovation method an internal team comes up with attractive innovative products and services. But it's a multidisciplinary team! Not just a team with the smartest management people.

- Myth 7: It's about selecting the best ideas. + Rule 7: What you decide not to do is more important. FORTH: After generating 400-600 ideas, you need to use the right tools to converge and select the best ideas but also to decline those ideas that don't fit your organization’s innovation focus.

If you want to find out more about these myths and rules, you can still subscribe for the next Fast Bridge "The 7 myths of innovation" event. And if you want to find out more on how the FORTH Innovation method helps you to create attractive innovative products and services with great internal support with a multidisciplinary team in your organization, just click here.

InspirationSara Pieters