Let's start sharing innovation failure experiences!


Innovation is and should be one of the top priorities of any organization. Because the world is constantly changing: routine work is moving towards where it can be done cheaper, one can no longer compete on price nor quality, everything is being automated, computers can outperform human left brains, there is an abundance of material goods, and we are confronted with rising consumer demands, increased levels of commoditization and shorter product & company life cycle than ever. Organizations that want to survive and grow have to invest in innovation: developing new products, services and business models.

Innovation means taking risks. And risk is, if you like it or not, directly linked with mistakes. In a world where people are discouraged from making mistakes and people are afraid to fail, this is of course not a great match. And this all results in two consequences: 1. Organizations postpone innovation until they cannot wait any longer. After all, isn't it easier to just stay in our comfort zone? 2. And organizations tend to banish innovation mistakes as quick as possible, and as far as possible.

However one can learn a lot from his mistakes. We have come to a time where we need to create an open culture, a culture that stimulates taking risks and that accepts failure. And we need to start talking, analyzing and learning from our mistakes. Because it is so amazing how much more you can learn by making mistakes than you can by making perfect decisions. And the best way to do so is by just starting to do it!

So let's start sharing innovation failure experiences! Of course we could spend hours reading inspiring books in the bib, searching for good innovation failure examples on the net, interviewing companies and trying to capture some interesting insights. But hey, we are in the social area. So that's why we want to hear from YOU. Not, in the first place, because this will save us a lot of time. But because we want to hear true stories, from people that have failed and learned from it, from companies that are shaping the future by trial and error. We want to tap into your insights, knowledge and experiences. Share your experience on our new website: www.redzezel.com/innovationfailures

Are you ready to share your innovation failure? What went wrong on your innovation journey? And why? Have you read an inspiring book on innovation failure? Do you know inspirational quotes? Share them with us, anonymous or not. And let's create some collective knowledge, because we can all learn from it.