TEDxEutropolis: celebrating inspiration from the Eutropolis


Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend TEDxEutropolis in Hasselt. Out if the more than 20 inspiring talks and performances, there are another two that I would like to share with you.   First the last minute intervention of Nick Decrock on the Kama Sutra for being successful in business. I must admit making the comparison between the Kama Sutra and business was a very nice refreshing match. Even if the 12 minutes were just too short to go into depth this are the take-aways Nick gave us:

In business, like in life it's all about dreams, vision, passion, risk, agility, absorption & diversity. • Follow your dreams and vision. Impossible is nothing. • Follow your passion and succes will follow you. • Taking risks: We need to cross the edge to find it. In the end it's all about taking risks. • Agility & absorption: Be prepared for big punches, but act fast. • Diversity: How multicultural is your organisation?

  Second talks that I would like to write about came from Jihyun Ryou. Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Jihyun Ryou feels we no longer understand how to treat food. Research shows that In Europe almost 30% of food that we buy is wasted and thrown away. After investigating how to preserve food through oral traditions, she was determined to find designfull solutions on how to survive without fridge nowadays. She is convinced that through a better relationship with our food we may be able to waste less and conserve more energy.

Here are 4 tips she gave us: • Symbiosis of patato and apple: patatos preserve longer when you put apples next to them • Vertically of root vegetables: carrots are better to be stored vertically • Humidity of fruit vegetables: peppers and eggplants stay longer outside the fridge because from origin they are fruit and have a higher humidity than vegetables. • Keep eggs outside the frige and if you want to know if they are still fresh take a glass of water. If the egg floats in water it's rotten. Want to know more take a look at: www.shareyourfoodknowledge.tumblr.com