How to design meaningful experiences?


The Experience Economy recognizes the fact that consumers no longer expect products and services to only fulfil a function but that also experiences are expected. The business opportunity is thus to capture the premium that consumers are willing to pay for these experiences. While larger companies (the most well-know example might be Starbucks) already include elements of the Experience Economy into their business models, the same is not yet true for smaller ones. But how can you design meaningful experiences? Today's workshop n°10 at the Creativity World Forum 2011 addressed this question. This workshop was led by Albert Boswijk, author of several pioneering books on the the Experience Economy.

Couldn't be there? Well tomorrow you get another chance. Or if you are not one of the 2500 lucky people with a ticket for the CWF, you can also have a look at my interpretation of Albert Boswijks 10 design principles for designing a meaningful experience.

InspirationSara Pieters