Past, present and future


As some of you might know Monday was my last day at Flanders DC. Tuesday was my first day on maternity leave. And tomorrow will be… a challenge, a new chapter, a new start.... Today I look back on 5 great years working for Flanders DC as a Manager International Relations:

I had the chance to learn a lot in the field of creativity & innovation,

work on nice projects,

travel and discover new cultures, new approaches and new insights, and

meet and work with great people.

It makes me look back to some good times!

But after 5 years it’s also “my task” to stay true to Flanders DC’s values: Innovation & Creativity. That’s why that after my maternity leave I will start up my own business and bring into practices the things I learned at Flanders DC: making organisations more creative and discovering the innovation path with them, with a strong focus on people and experiences.

So in the upcoming weeks, when I start to learn how to change diapers, give breastfeeding and enjoy all nice and precious moments with my baby, I will also discover how to become an entrepreneur and how to set up my own company.