The 6 design principles for meaningful experience


As you could read in one of my first posts “Experience Economy 2.0 is more than just adding an experience to your product or service. It’s about looking at the world from a different perspective, searching for co-creation possibilities and staging meaningful experiences.” This was the starting point to put a light on THE six design principles.

The last design principle, that we haven’t discussed yet, is natural and holistic approach.

The whole concept must make leave an impression of being natural and authentic. Some spaces seem as if they were merely thrown together at random, and therefore feel uncomfortable. The entire concept should make you feel welcome, and synergy should be felt between all the various elements.

The 6 design principles

So, if you want to design a meaningful experience for your customer you can ask yourself:

1. Does the concept has a theme?

2. Are all the impressions harmonized by means of positive cues?

3. Can you eliminate negative cues?

4. Are there things that you can take home or that remind you of the experience?

5. Does the concept engages all five senses?

6. Does the concept leaves an impression of being natural and authentic?

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