Design principles number one


Use a theme

The last two year I have been working on the ExBased (Experience Based Business Development – ) project of which Flanders DC ( is partner. In this project we have been looking at how companies can work strategically with experiences for their company development. Several books, articles, best practices, existing tools and insights have passed my eyes. And today I know that the Experience Economy 2.0 (how I like to call it) is more than just adding an experience to your product or service. It’s about looking at the world from a different perspective, searching for co-creation possibilities and staging meaningful experiences.

But let starts with the beginning and put a light on THE six design principles. A first principle to follow when designing experiences is using a theme: Does the concept has a theme, a story or a ’storyline’? Is there a philosophy behind it that visitors and customers can clearly recognize? The theme must drive all the design elements and staged events of the experience toward a unified storyline that wholly captivates the customer.